Middle Man services in any games
(PC & Mobile)

We usually handle middle man service at Facebook Platform Only, We have discord also YostakaMM#9944
(Discord Unique ID: 676055492379934722)

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How our Middle Man Service works

Middle Man will hold the buyer’s payment and guide the seller how to transfer ownership of the game account. Once all done seller will give the account directly to the buyer. Middle Man will guide the buyer how to properly login the account. Find our Mode of payment supported. 

Secure Gmail Account

A guide from us, how we secure the gmail account.

Secure Facebook Account

A guide from us, how we secure the facebook account.

Contract Deal

If the account have bound issue, like the other login cant be give because it’s personal account. We recommend this way. Not 100% can help but it will help us in the future investigation.

How to Avoid Poser/Fake MIddleman


Terms of condition: Middle Man YOSTAKAMM Will not be liable of anything happen in the account in the future, like Refund game top-ups, negatives gems etc. and Recovered the account by the seller. If you want to increase the assurance, let the seller make the Contract Deal.

Middle Man Fee's

Small transaction

Minimum Fees
PHP 50-150 Per Transaction
  • Transfer 500-3,000 php
  • Holding Payments
  • Fast Deal

Average Deal Transaction

Game Whale Accounts or Crypto payments
3-5% Per Transaction
  • Transfer 60$ ++
  • Holding payments & Contract Deal
  • Smooth Deal
Anthony Blake
Anthony Blake
Country: Malaysia
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Legit middleman services. Have used him for over 100+ transactions with sellers from all over southeast Asia. Smooth and easy proces
Zdane Smith
Zdane Smith
Country: United States
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Very Good MiddleMan. He'll guide you step by step on how to do it securely. Keep it up.
Gerome Soriano
Gerome SorianoCountry: Philippines
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Detailed steps. Well connected. Easily handles trades in diff countries and currencies. Highly recommended.
shidqiCountry: Indonesia
Read More
So fast respon and good,first time i thought it was an app name
Celestial Bane
Celestial Bane
Country: Philippines
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Fast, smooth and well coordinated. Thanks as always!

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